Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD®

Working in conjunction with the EDM Module, the Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD provides direct access to the Alfresco repository from AutoCAD. The Formtek EDM Connector is installed and configured as a plugin on the AutoCAD client workstation.

With the EDM Connector, users can upload a new drawing or revision to the Alfresco repository from AutoCAD, store the drawing properties and block attributes as repository properties, and lock or unlock drawings in the repository.

Similarly, CAD users can browse or search the Alfresco repository to download and open a drawing in AutoCAD, view or edit the drawing’s properties, and view the drawing’s revision history in Alfresco.

The EDM Connector includes the ability to synchronize the local copy of the drawing with that in Alfresco. This function checks the repository for a newer version of the drawing, and if one is found, asks the user if they want to download it.

The EDM Connector also maintains the integrity of externally referenced drawings (XRefs), as well as other types of referenced files (DGN, DWF, PDF, and raster), by automatically associating the base drawing to its references within the Alfresco repository.

When a drawing is checked-in or checked-out using the EDM Connector, the user is presented with a list of all associated files, which can then be selected for check-in or check-out in association with the current drawing.