EDM Module Plugin for ACA/ADW

The Alfresco Content Application (ACA) and Alfresco Digital Workspace (ADW) are newer content management applications built using the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF).

For those customers using the ACA or ADW application as an alternative to the Alfresco Share application, Formtek provides an EDM Module Plugin.

The Formtek EDM Module Plugin for ACA/ADW provides a set of EDM extensions for the ACA and ADW applications, which provides capability similar to the Formtek EDM Module Share extensions.

The Formtek EDM Module and Formtek CAD Transform Engine repository components continue to function in an ACA or ADW environment, including for CAD transformation and viewing (as seen above), and AutoCAD attribute and text extraction.

The EDM Module Plugin for ACA/ADW supplements these capabilities by providing the following EDM functionality within the ACA/ADW applications:

  • EDM Properties (for editing Engineering Drawing or Engineering Document type properties)
  • Manage References
  • Set/Remove Reference Search Folder (for automatic reference management)
  • View Complete Drawing
  • Regenerate Complete Drawing
  • Export as Zip File
  • Preview Options (for CAD file previews and complete drawing previews)