The telecommunications industry has gone through a number of fundamental changes over the past decade. It has experienced technology convergence, deregulation, globalization, and consolidation. In addition, the demand for high-speed services has created a highly competitive environment. Telecommunications companies need to continuously adapt and innovate to succeed.

Formtek | Orion products and solutions help telecommunications companies increase their productivity and performance by securely distributing technical information and facilitating collaboration. Using Formtek solutions, field technicians have quick and easy access to the latest technical information, including changes and upgrades. When general maintenance or an emergency repair is necessary, the information is immediately available to field technicians. It contains the authorization to perform the activity and also provides record of past changes.

Formtek solutions create a data-sharing environment that facilitates collaboration and extends the enterprise to suppliers and vendors. Since many telecommunication companies collaborate with vendors, Formtek offers unmatched security, so you can communicate openly with outside organizations, while controlling access to private information. Formtek allows you to place limits on how information is viewed to prevent document reproduction and unauthorized distribution.