Government agencies are faced with a number of challenges as regulations for confidentiality emerge, the volume of electronic information increases as does the number of formats in which these documents are received, and new rules for secure management and record keeping of information must be considered. The government, like many large organizations, must also redefine operations on a regular basis to become more efficient.

Formtek | Orion provides government agencies solutions for addressing their most pressing information management needs. Formtek | Orion enables information management at the department level or can scale to support managing millions of objects in a secure distributed environment. This secure distributed environment provides agencies with the flexibility to exchange information while adhering to strict regulations, such as those dictated by national security policy.

Formtek products and solutions are open systems that are based and operate on industry standard platforms to ensure seamless implementation into the varied IT infrastructures that exist in the government. Formtek | Orion offers a Web based interface and a transparent desktop application to ensure ease of use for the user community.

Formtek | Orion products and services allow agencies to accelerate e-government initiatives. Formtek | Orion offers the full range of library services (such as check in/out, revisions, etc.), incorporates collaboration tools that support distribution and approval processes, and provides viewing of virtually any electronic format in which information is stored, from e-mail to a multi-sheet engineering drawing. Transactions are tracked to maintain a complete audit trail of document activity to ensure compliance with security policy.